About Noor

Noor Issa was born in Damascus, Syria in 1994. She started to study at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus University, before having to leave her hometown because of the conflict. She lived in Istanbul for almost two years, painting and volunteering as an art teacher for Syrian children in transit through Istanbul. She came to the Netherlands at the end of 2014. After arriving, Noor continued to volunteer with young children in the camp where she lived.

Noor Issa uses different art approaches to express her ideas and feelings. She has exhibited her work both in the Netherlands and internationally, with her recent exhibitions receiving critical acclaim.

About Noor’s work

Noor is motivated by her conviction in the transcendence of individual boundaries. This leads her to explore non-duality through her work, in a quest to create greater unity in the communities she meets.

Her work is inspired from personal experiences - a sense of acutely belonging to all communities that Noor encounters. Having learnt so much from others, Noor is driven by a missionary zeal to encourage the interchange of ideas, believing that it is through unity and open communication that we can continue to break down boundaries. As Noor’s learning journey continues, Noor hopes to continue to enrich her work with the ideas of the people she meets and the places that she travels to.